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January 2016


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Tax Workshop for Entrepreneurs : Getting You Ready for the 2016 Tax Season

Date and Location : January 27, 2016 at General Assembly Atlanta

Price: FREE

Taxes can quickly become a nightmare for small business owners. Our tax experts are here to relieve you of your tax stress and help you get prepared for the 2016 tax season.

Join Team RFG as we discuss the tax code in an easy to understand, easy to digest manner.


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Accounting for Bloggers and Creatives

Date and Location: TBA (Atlanta, GA)

Price: $40

This workshop is for aspiring bloggers and those who are already in the business of blogging. And if you're a creative entrepreneur making money from your Etsy shop then this event is for you.

At RFG we like to say that "we are not your parent's accountants." Unlike other accounting firms, we understand the creative industries and we want to provide you with a road map to ensure that this upcoming tax season is easy breezy for you.


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March 2016




Budgeting and Managing Your Business Finances

Date and Location: TBA (Atlanta, GA)
Price: $40

Whether you've been in business for a while or just starting out, it's time to learn how to effectively manage your business finances.

Join our CEO, Ava Rhodes as she teaches strategies to improve your business finances.




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